Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kent Hrbek

I had a perminent visiter stop by this afternoon.  I found out she was coming on Monday.  Giddy as a school girl, I waited for her arrival this afternoon. My new friend came dressed what I'm learning is my favorite color, light black.  You might call it grey.  I tried to sleep with her after she was ready, but just couldn't do it.  Not to say I won't, I'm ready now, but will save myself till tomorrow maybe.  Who do I speak of?  Why my new BFF, Nova.  She's super sexy in my eyes.  Her & Maggie compliment each other nicely.  Although, I made sure with Maggie before bringing Nova on board.  It was only fair.

Nova in all her glory.
Nova is my new couch.  I pulled the trigger on her Monday. She was a beast to track down.  I don't live the easiest apartment to get furniture in & out. Ask my Brother about moving my bed.  I'm grateful to have her.  I writing this now on her.  Before, the only place to sit was on the floor or on my bed.  Here's a before...

Before Nova
She's an exciting addition to 801 Park to go with Alfed the butler/ vacuum.

I'll leave you with one of the band that shaped me, R.A.M.O.N.E.S...  RAMONES.

See you in the future...

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Ms. Kelly Cannon said...

You're a difficult man to find on the internet. I figured it'd be easy after we chatted at the flea market. But for once, I was wrong.
Find me on facebook.
Otherwise, I'll see you at Crucial Fest?